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Landmark™: Crafting Progression Guide

(This is my take on how to progress through the different crafting items in Landmark. This applies only to the current version of beta as of April 2, 2014. It is subject to tons of changes before Landmark goes live. Also not all resources are available in game. Hope it helps.)

After you create your character and pick a continent you will find yourself at the leyline hub. The leyline hub allows you to move between islands on the continent and even between continents. At the hub you will find 2 basic crafting stations: basic forge and basic workbench.  For the first few harvesting tools you will need these stations. You will also need them to craft the individual stations for your claim.

Before starting a little explanation of pick, axe, and sickle stats are needed.

 Picks (Used for mining rocks and minerals)
There are 3 stats on picks. Speed, Damage, Range.
Harvesting Damage - How much you get per strike
Harvesting Speed - How fast it is.
Harvesting Size - How big an area you strike.
These stats are not set in stone. There is a typical range for them but you can craft multiple versions to get stats that you are comfortable with.(Stone picks stats are set is stone.)

Axe (Used to chop trees)
There are 2 stats on picks. Harvesting Damage and Harvesting Speed.
The speed and damage are the same as with picks. Same goes with stats not being set in stone when you craft them. (Stone axes stats are set in stone.)

Sickle (Used to harvest plant material)

There are 2 stats on sickles.  Damage and Harvesting Speed.The speed and damage are the same as with picks. Same goes with stats not being set in stone when you craft them.

There are 3 quality tiers of harvesting  tools: Common, Superior and Exceptional. The better the quality the better the stats.

Notes about trees
There are 3 different biomes of trees. Each with a different base wood and a special rare tree. All common trees will give the rare Heartwood (will always get 1 per tree but frequently more).
Tropical trees - Give plain wood logs and the special tree gives Palm Hearts (1-3 per tree)
Desert trees - Give striped wood logs and the special tree gives Thistle Seed (4 per tree).
Old Growth Forest trees - Give burled wood logs and the special tree gives Ancient Rootstock (3 per tree).
Tundra Tree -Give plain wood logs and the special tree gives Spindle Cone (2 per tree).
Deciduous Trees - Biome not in game. Special tree will give Sep
If a particular special tree is difficult to find there are 2 options. 1.) switch islands or 2.) de-forest an area and wait. Trees will re-spawn and will not always be the same one you cut down.

Notes on wood resins
Wild Heartwood = 1x Heartwood and 1xThistle Seed
Vital Heartwood = 1x Heartwood and 1xAncient Rootstock
Frosted Heartwood = 1xHeartwood and 1xSpindle Cone
Serpentine Heartwood = 1x heartwood and 1X Serpentine Resin (Currently not in game.)
Palm Heart
Thistle Seed

Ancient Rootstock

Spindle Cone

Note on Crafting
Except for the delete, heal, and add tools all the rest do not need to be crafted at the basic stations at the hub. Many players open their claims to players so that they maybe able to use the stations that they have. To find these potential claims look for the blue flag on the map.

Notes on crafting with raw materials.
All Ingots will be 100 of x raw metal = 1 ingot  Crafted at the forge
All Wood planks 10 of x wood = 100 planks Crafted at the workshop.
All Worked stones 100 of x stone =    105 worked stone Crafted at the workshop.
Coal is either harvested with metals or crafted 10 plain logs = 10 coal. Crafted at the forge.

Note on raw metals
When harvesting the raw metals you will get more then just the metal. You will get a combination of sand, dirt, stone, ice, or snow depending on biome and a variety of rares to include elemental version of the raw metal, coal, essence of earth.

Tier 0
You should start with the stone pick and stone axe. Both require 1 dirt to make so it is easy to make them. To harvest you will have to be a short distance from the hub. A message will appear to inform you that you are far enough away to harvest. After harvesting some dirt create the building tools delete, heal, and add each takes 1 dirt to make at the basic forge. (The basic forge is the only place these tools can be created.)

Now time for Tier 1.

Tier 1
Now that you have obtained a  stone axe and pick the plan is to ditch these as fast as possible for better upgrades. All level 1 items can be crafted at the basic stations at the hub. The equipment and stations for level 1 are as follows: Copper Pick, Tin Axe, Claim Flag, Stone Forge, Alchemy Station, Tinkerer's Workshop. The main goal is always to upgrade the pick then the axe. The axe will require materials that will require the upgraded pick to obtain. One reason for crafting the claim flag so soon is so that you have some place to store the crafting stations.
Copper Pick will harvest - Iron, Tin, Tourmaline, Aquamarine and lower resources.
Tin Axe will harvest - Special Jungle trees and all common trees.

Harvesting list:
Copper - 3000
Elemental Copper - 30
Agate - 20
Tin - 1500
Elemental Tin - 5
Tourmaline - 20
Aquamarine - 210
Heartwood- 95
Coal - 25
Iron - 4500
Elemental Iron - 7
Plain Wood Log - 10
Burled Wood Log - 15
Stone - 2000
Wild Heartwood - 20  (20x heartwood and 20x  thistle seed)

Resource nodes for tier 1 crafting tools.

Tier 2
With tier 2 everything can be crafted with stations on your own claim or a neighbors claim if they have the claim open to visitors to use props. Same procedure as tier 1 upgrade pick firts then axe. With tier you can start crafting the refining stations.  The refining stations allow you to mass produce crafting items such as ingots, resins, planks. The drawback to refining stations is that they are for personal use only, therefore, you can not use a neighbors refining stations. Also to make the lumicite material you will need Superior Sawtable.

In tier 2 the smooth tool can be created. It will require 30 elemental tungsten, 10 amethyst, 300 tungsten.

Iron Pick will harvest - Tungsten, Silver, Topaz, Amethyst, Marble and lower
Silver axe will harvest - Special Jungle and Desert trees and all common trees
Silver Sickle will harvest - All tier 2 plants and lower

At this point in beta you are not really required to craft the refining stations to build or create upgrade picks, axes, and sickles. They do make things easier since they require less materials though.

Under optional there are the Mechanical Pulverizer, and Bronze Grappling Hook. All of which will make things easier. The Pulverizer will come in handy when caves are added to the game. The Grappling Hook will help you get out of deep holes and also is just fun to use to swing from tree to tree and scale tall mountains.

Harvesting list (harvesting tools only):
Iron - 2200
Elemental Iron - 22
Silver - 1900
Elemental Silver - 19
Aquamarine - 60
Topaz - 40
Wild Heartwood - 25 (25x Heartwood and 25x Palmheart)
Sundrop Heartwood - 20 (20xHeartwood and 20x Thistle Seed)

Harvesting list (everything)
Copper - 200
Tin - 100
Elemental Tin - 20
Iron - 4200
Elemental Iron - 42
Silver - 3900
Elemental Silver - 44
Topaz - 115
Aquamarine - 120
Coal - 40
Amethyst - 110
Tungsten - 5800
Elemental Tungsten - 60
Wild Heartwood - 55 (55x Heartwood and 55 x Palmheart)
Sundrop Heartwood - 40 (40x Heartwood and 40x Thistle Seed)

Tier 3
Rinse and repeat with new materials. The assessor's band that is listed will give the wearer and increased chance to find rares while harvesting ie. elemental metals. Also the final 2 building tools can be created.

Tungsten Pick will harvest: Cobalt, Gold, Emerald, Sapphire, Amarthine, and lower level tiers
Gold Axe will harvest: Special Jungle, Desert, and Old Growth trees and all common trees.

The line tool and the paint tool will require:  30 elemental tungsten, 3000  tungsten, 10 emerald, 30 elemental cobalt, 3000 - cobalt, and 10 sapphire.

Harvesting list (harvesting tools only):
Tungsten - 3000
Elemental Tungsten - 30
Gold - 1000
Elemental Gold - 10
Amethyst - 60
Emerald -60
Sundrop Heartwood - 35 (35x Heartwood and 35x Thistle Seed)

Harvesting list (everything)
Silver - 50
Elemental Silver - 20
Tungsten - 16000
Elemental Tungsten - 85
Gold - 9500
Elemental Gold - 85
Cobalt - 7000
Emerald - 670
Amethyst - 135
Sapphire - 310
Amarathine -10
Striped Wood Logs -30
Plain Wood Logs - 20
Sundrop Heartwood - 105 (105x Heartwood and 105x Thistle Seed)
Vital Heartwood - 120 (120x Heartwood and 120x Ancient Rootstock)

Tier 4
Rinse and Repeat with new materials.

Cobalt pick will harvest: Mithril, Rubicite, Ruby, Diamond, Obsidian, Alabaster, and all lower tier.
Rubicite axe will harvest: Special Jungle, Desert, Old Growth and Tundra Trees and all common trees.

Tier 5
Rinse and Repeat with new materials. Not all materials are available in game.

Mithril pick will harves: Etherium , moonstone, and all lower tiers.
Etherium axe will harvest all special and common trees.


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