Sunday, May 20, 2012

Geek Quilting

Only 150 days until SOE Live and I'm all ready semi-sidetracked on another project.  It sort of relates to SOE Live really it does. Honest! 

If  you have ever attended any type of convention, conference, big meeting, etc., then you already know they all have 1 major thing in common.  The venue is always freezing! The base temperature of any room is always a few degrees above freezing.  Anyways, how this all relates. I'm always freezing when I go to SOE Live. ALWAYS!  It's not uncommon to see me carrying around a sweater even though it's 100°F+ outside. So I've decided I need a small lap quilt to accompany me this year.  Now being the geeky gaming nerd that I am no ordinary quilt will do!

That's right a Star Wars lap quilt for cold me!  Even though Star Wars Galaxies is no longer, there is still Clone Wars Adventures so it will apply to one of the games in the SOE catalog.  The original plan was to do a Dr. Who quilt (still on the list for later), however, I have this great fear that I will be ambushed in the corridor by some assassin and never see it again.

The quilt is at the stage where the real fun begins.  Going to quilt the top with a motif of rebel and imperial symbols with some aurek-besh quotes on the side.  Will post a final pic when all is done.

Cloak of the Harvester update: 12 more pieces of fabric and will be ready to put it all together.

"May the Force be with you."