Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Anatomy of a Cloak

Okay so I didn't do any progress updates for the "Cloak of the Harvest".  Opppps. Me bad. It is now finished.

I will have to say for all the stuff that is on the cloak it wasn't too difficult to put together. With that being said onto the anatomy of a cloak!

1.)  Pick out a cloak
There are a wide variety of cloaks in everquest 2 and to recreate one you need to find one you like.  Now some of the cloaks may not translate well to the real world.  Anything that has moveable parts won't be easy to recreate.

2.) Make a pattern.
All patterns will start out with an in-game screenshot and a really big piece of paper.  Next you have to decide the actually size of the cloak you want to make.  Be prepared to break out the ruler and the calculator, and step back in time to school math/geometry.  Proportions are important!  After drawing out the basic outline for the cloak it is time for the details.  There is no one right way for this part just remember that the in-game cloak has a slight curve to it so adjust for it.  Of all the steps this one is by far the most important.  If it doesn't look right on paper it definitely will not look right when made of fabric.

3.) Buying fabric and any bling.

This is where you will have to be creative.  Artist have a pallet of millions of colors and shapes.  Fabric choices are far less diverse.  Take a high quality snapshot of the in-game cloak with you to the fabric stores.  At that point you will agonize over which fabrics are close enough or convey the image that is closest.  It took me about 6 months of searching to find enough exceptable fabrics.

4.) Stitching it all together. 

4 words make it sound easy but there is more to it. First, you have to determine what techniques you want to use.  For the "Cloak of the Harvester" I used 3 different quilting techniques (quick freezer paper piecing, applique, and what could be called standard).  There is also choosing between using a sewing machine or sewing by hand.  For this cloak I used the sewing machine and for the "Cloak of Clockwork Dreams" it was hand quilted.

5.) Sitting back and enjoy the finished project.
If you are planning to enter the costume contest, you will to create an outfit that showcases the cloak.

Sorry, not posting the finished cloak just yet.  May post it before I leave for SOE Live.

"Creativity can be described as letting go of certainties."
Gail Sheehy