Monday, September 3, 2012

Much Ado About Lists

Only 45 days to SOE Live!  Time to start panicking!

 Every year at about this time there are a few of us that need to have extensive lists on what to bring with us to SOE Live.  It's not so much that we will forget that we need to pack certain stuff.  It's just that without the list or lists we will 100% for certain to forget the small important stuff. The reasons for needing lists has absolutely nothing to do with getting older!  It has to do with being busy.  Juggling friends, family, work, hobbies, unforeseen disasters, etc. easily takes its toll on the mind when it comes to packing.  You may think it's easy to remember to pack socks but trust me one trip I did just that and I stared at the suitcase seeing if I missed anything for a good 15 minutes.  Now my lists (yes, I used lists) come in two forms: what goes in the luggage and what comes with me on the plane.

The plane lists is by far the most complex of the lists.  It's the one that has all the electronics on it.  So not only do I need to remember the ipad but I had better bring along the charger and cord for it as well.  If I do forget any charger or cord, I can run down to the local CVS or Wallgreens that are on the Vegas Strip and get another but I really have no desire to miss any of the action. The plane lists also has the much needed blanket and tummy yummies on it.  No way this girl is freezing or going hungry on a plane!  It's only a 2 hour drive to the airport and another 2 hour flight but I will not starve!  The plane list does have a sub list called "What needs to be on the ipad, ipod, e-reader, etc." This is the spot where I remind myself to upgrade any apps and to download any additional music, movies, or apps.

The luggage list is somewhat simpler it has clothes and sundries on it.  Since I have a costume this year it also has a reminder to pack that as well.  Still haven't decided if I want to brave the contest yet or not.  The clothes list isn't simply bring 2 of this, 3 of those kind of lists.  Oh no.  It's much more.  If you have ever been to any gaming convention they you know that after you check in and drop your stuff off it is non-stop.  So to combat this busy schedule some I actually plan my wardrobe.  Yep, I plan what I am going to wear for each day.  When you are only going to get about 8 hours of sleep over 72 hours little things like this help.

Now it is time for me to get back to the lists finishing touches.  Only have 40 days left to complete them and pack.  With work there is no way I am packing the night before, disaster will strike if I do!

“Give me a laundry-list and I'll set it to music.”

 Gioacchino Rossini